It’s five minutes to noon, your friend’s eyes just made an audible *creak* sound when they opened. He’s offered to pay for the chandelier, the boss’s dog is all patched up and still able to walk on his remaining legs, the Uber receipt in his pocket assures him he still has a license to operate a motor vehicle.

His biggest problem now is a hangover. THE hangover.

You, on the other hand, matched him drink-for-drink. But you are upright, clear-eyed and trying hard to stifle your laughter at his misery. You both had fun last night, but only you are having fun today.

The difference?

Flyby, a proprietary blend of stuff you can’t pronounce, in a pill you can swallow that makes your liver happy and your friends envious. Take two of these before the first cocktail (or four, if you think you might need it) and you’ll wake up tomorrow afternoon feeling great.

Think of it as a magic “second liver” that drastically lowers the cost of fun.

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