Tuna salad again?! Why do you keep doing this to yourself? And why haven’t you figured out a way to keep the apple from making a giant crater in the middle of the sandwich?

Stop beating yourself up. Stop packing your own lunch. Crunch the numbers and say “Hello!” to your new best friend, MealPal.

Without you knowing it, a bunch of restaurants—just a short walk away from your cubicle—have agreed to hand over a tasty lunch, five days a week for the rest of your life and all you have to do is stroll on over to their cash register, state your name in a clear, loud voice and BOOM, they hand you a complete lunch—sandwich or salad or tacos or whatever—and all for six dollars!

Those crazy, app-making, venture-capping, Skittles-eating codemonkeys have come up with something a mile or two better than Angry Birds—a subscription service for lunch!

Sign up, download the MealPal app, subscribe (at about $120/month)-- you’ll enjoy a freshly prepared lunch, each weekday, for the cost of three two-dollar bills. Did we mention that you bypass the line at the register? Yeah. There’s that, too.

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